Friday, 5 February 2010

The Undead Celebrities

we love the undead
a digital imaging contest that make celebrities became zombies,
these are some examples :

we found this contest when we're obsessed with zombies.

check all of 'em here

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

5preview, a nice view for t-shirts !

this lovable t-shirt brand is made by Emeli from Sweden and Diego from Italy.
their designs first captured by the world since The Teenagers wore them for a photoshoot.

so save your money, guys! and buy some for yourslef.

Monday, 25 January 2010


A new punk hardcore (project) band.

look familiar?

yap this is the new project of Steve Aoki and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo or known as The Bloody Beetroots alter-ego. i was like "wtf ?! aoki playing hardcore music? r u joking?" and yes my friend the fact said so. the band is produced under april77 records. RIFOKI is a killer

curious ? we'll give you their myspace and prove it yourself
try "Zombie Attack"

climate change posters

if you appreciate how these posters work. do something.

see other social issues posters here,

and participate, more info

Sunday, 24 January 2010

i can be a-ntyhing

watch it here
a really simple yet creative video for the flaming lips newest single "I Can Be a Frog".


the genius man from sigur ros, now start making his own solo project.
the lyric from his single "Boy Lilikoi" is written in english. his icelandic accent makes some kind of unique emotion to this song. very lovely. its far from "Vaka"* mood, the mood you'll get is the "Gobbledigook"* mood. flute, drums, orchestra will make your mind walk into a new peaceful & magnificent fantasy world.

*both are sigur ros songs.

listen to his beautiful song here


sisters from Los Angeles,
Piper and Sky create dreamy...

psychedelic beach... lo-fi ambience...

try "Luv Goon", "California shakedown"

Saturday, 23 January 2010

110 pages of SKULLS

if you love skulls, you're gonna love this book, introducing SKULLS : VOLUME I

this book is dedicated to skull black & white art and created by 60 tattoo artists from around the world, with each different character & style.

now, they're busy making the Volume II, so if you're interested to participate or grab one copy of this book, you can summit your work or buy it at

marilyn in the dark

cool painting done by Thomas Pendelton

and this is what happen when the lights out

yes, it's glow in the dark !!! and yes, it shows her skull. Thomas also added crystal for the eyes and the mole. he's successfully bring a new excitement for these days modern painting.
your work is a killer tom !


have some fun with your face,
they provide cute-sadistic-gross stuff, you can do a lot of things. The below picture was made on Getgrossedout a fun site where you can make anyone look nice and gross even your dog, created by the ever awesome guys in the The Black Axe, go check it out and everything they do. mine was, some kind of " mustache vampire with pop out-eye ball" hahaha

R.I.P Keats

Former misfits drummer, Brian "Damage" Keats, passed away on Jan 12 2010, after struggling with cancer for nearly a year. he was dead at age 46 years old.

He produced and played on Dave Vanian of the Damned, members of Blondie, Gang of Four, the Dead Boys, Generation X, Devo, and even managing the briefest of appearances as a member of the Misfits.

Keats join the Misfits on autumn 1983. After the Misfits finished, he racked up an impressive resume of bands by joining the likes of Hellbound, The Skulls, Angels In Vain and Wink, amongst many others.

Too young to die, but Rest in peace Brian Keats.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Look at this super cool jacket. Undercover successfully combines vintage with studded and it becomes one good hell of a jacket. It is simple and good to accompany your black and white t-shirt with pair of jeans. Well, Japanese streetwear has proven its awesomeness.


Hyakkei are an instrumental band on guitar, bass and drums, form in Osaka, Japan.
“Hyakkei” is a japanese word meaning “hundreds of landscapes”.
the music somehow let you visualize the image that they're try to deliver. when you listen to them, you'll understand "Hyakkei".

so far i have their two outstanding albums "okurimono" and "standing still in a moving scene"

trust me they're above the average. so much better than your average mood booster.

try "effect", "reading", "kagefumi".

if you like ambient-indie rock, you're goin' to love them.


tonight we amazed by these two dudes, they are Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek, they're known as a graphic designers and illustrators, under the company called The Bubble Process, they're start doing their dream since 2006.
very cool illustration, "not-clean" type of designs, bright colour experiments, the way they play with shapes.

they're doing band posters,wedding invitations, identity, and more

these are some of their great posters

Their website :